Thursday, November 4, 2021

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Comedian Norm Macdonald Dead At 61


This is shocking and sad news.  Norm Macdonald was a unique talent with a special sense of humor.

R.I.P. Norm.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Cinefex Is Over!! After 40 Years, R.I.P.

 I just received my last issue of Cinefex.  I've been a subscriber for over 10 years and was sorry to hear that they are stopping publication of this unique visual effects magazine.  It has been an all too common fate of many businesses recently following shortly on the heals of Fry's Electronics which recently announced the immediate closing of all stores on Febuary 23, 2021.   

Here is the statement from the publisher, enclosed with the last issue, issue # 172:

To Our Cinefex Subscribers -

I have sad news to convey. After 40+ years of publication, Cinefex is going out of business. The issue you hold in your hands will be our last.

When I last communicated with you in November, we had regrouped after a Covid-induced hiatus, and were hard at work on the current issue, hoping that the worst of the pandemic was behind us and that brighter days lay just ahead. We were wrong on both counts. The worldwide winter surge, coupled with the outbreak of new, more contagious strains of the virus, forced a further clamp-down on businesses and society at large.

The prolonged pandemic deprived us of subject matter, with last year's visual effects blockbusters serially postponed, and most still not yet released. It deprived us of retail outlets for our magazines, with many stores temporarily or permanently closed. And, most critically, it deprived us of advertisers, many of whom, like us, struggled to remain afloat in a climate of intense turmoil and uncertainty. Most of those perfect-storm conditions still persist.

After publishing a succession of unprofitable issues in the past year, we have come to the unhappy realization that Cinefex can no longer continue.

We cherish our subscribers. Many of you have been with us for years, even decades. And in a perfect world, we would surely send you a refund for the issues you have not and will not receive. But in striving to keep our struggling magazine alive this past difficult year, we have depleted our resources, and will be unable to do so. We hope you will forgive us.

Many magazines facing closure attempt to find a similar publication willing to fulfill the remainder of their subscribers' issues in exchange for the prospect of gaining new readers and subscribers as a result. Cinefex is one of a kind, but happily, our friends at Animation Magazine graciously agreed to fulfill your remaining issues via their digital edition at no cost to you. We think you'll enjoy their lively coverage of animation in all its many forms, and hope you'll reward them with your continued readership. You will receive additional details from Animation Magazine in your email inbox soon.

For 40 years, it's been an honor and a privilege to have been your guide into the exciting world of visual effects. We hope you'll miss us when we're gone. We know that we'll miss you.


Gregg Shay

Please support businesses that you appreciate and want to continue to enjoy.  RIP Cinefex.

Friday, February 5, 2021

Doom The Dark Ages Trailer