Thursday, March 3, 2016

Movie Review For Bone Tomahawk: Not For The Squeamish But Worth Watching

Bone Tomahawk had a limited release back in October 2015 but it deserves attention and a quick review.  It's simple.  A rogue tribe of cannibals has taken captives and a search party sets out to make a hasty rescue.  It's as if The Searchers and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre had baby.  It's more violent than your typical western but still old fashioned in its language and sensibilities. It's limited 1.8 million dollar budget doesn't take anything away from the story.  It likely serves the film better by forcing the filmmakers to stick to less expensive practical effects. The pace can be a bit slow at times but the fantastic cast. Kurt RussellPatrick WilsonMatthew Fox and others manage to keep things interesting even when not much is happening.  Kurt Russell's beard looks like it came directly from the set of The Hateful 8.  He and others give committed and convincing performances.  Bone Tomahawk has one of the most violent death scenes ever, among many death scenes.  Director S. Craig Zahler pulls off an excellent directorial debut.  Don't watch it if you can't handle violence.

 It's rated R for extreme violence.  Bone Tomahawk is currently available to buy, rent, or free via streaming with Amazon Prime.  It gets a solid 7 out of 10!

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