Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lucy (2014) - A Disappointing Effort From Director Luc Besson

Lucy is directed by Luc Besson and stars Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman.  I would warn of spoilers but this review doesn't reveal anything that hasn't already been show in the trailers.  The trailers reveal the entire plot.  A powerful Asian drug cartel attempts to use a young woman, Lucy (Scarlett Johansson), as a drug mule.  They surgically implant a powerful new drug into her abdomen and force her to transport it internationally.  As per usual things don't go as planned and the package containing the drugs is ruptured and Lucy receives a massive dose into her blood stream.  This brand new drug has remarkable properties that result in her achieving Godlike powers.  The drug is so incredible that it even affects gravity.  These effects take place almost immediately.   Lucy uses her newly acquired power as she partners with a random French policeman and they work together to take down the drug dealers.  Lucy does almost all of the real work and the random policeman is just along for the ride.  Morgan Freeman portrays the worlds foremost neuroscience expert.  His theories on human evolution and the brain attempt to lend credibility the story that rests on the premise that most humans only use 10% of our brains and asks the question what happens if someone uses 100% of their brain?  While this premise is dubious on its surface it's also dubious below the surface.  There is an interesting exploration of evolutionary concepts by juxtaposing early human and animal footage with modern man as Morgan Freeman narrates.

Watch the trailer instead of the movie.  It will save you about 87 minutes.

It could be described as a cross between Limitless and Akira but not equal to either of those superior films.  Scarlett Johansson makes a good effort, especially in the beginning, during the short time she is still human, but the material doesn't give her much to work with.   The story suffers from the problem of going too far too quickly in the first act so that what follows is almost meaningless.  This could be forgiven if the action sequences where fresh or spectacular but they offer nothing new or compelling.  The action quickly becomes like shooting rubber bands at Superman.  There is no danger of anyone getting hurt and we wouldn't care if they did.  Lucy doesn't live up to the legacy of fine films from director Luc Besson.  There are some tired car chases and gun fights.  He retreads over familiar action territory reprising scenes that are remarkably similar to those in The Professional, but not as good, down to a rocket being fired down a long hallway.   Skip this one and watch The Professional, La Femme Nikita, or The Fifth Element, in that order.  Perhaps if you have already seen all of these other films and Lucy is available through Netflix or cable it will make for a lite diversion but don't waste your time in the movie theater for this one.  You've been warned.

Rent it only if you are truly starved for entertainment.

Lucy is rated R for violence, disturbing images, and sexuality.

Lucy - 1h 29m - Action/Adventure

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  1. I unfortunately did not read your review before going to see Lucy this afternoon. I wish I had. Lucy actually upsets me. The premise was there for me. I was ready to go all in. Then, the execution failed miserably. Its like if you had the ingredients to make The Matrix but made The Matrix sequels instead.There were so many times I was sitting in my seat thinking "bullshit." Why was she on the ceiling after the bag popped inside her? Why do we see her use a Jedi force trick to knock everyone out in one scene, then not do it two scenes later when it would have been more practical? Why does she have an increased intelligence yet came up with the idea that the fastest way to get somewhere is to drive into oncoming traffic (she can levitate shit, we saw her do it)? Why would French police drive past a large group of Asian mafia pulling assault rifles out of there trunks and do nothing about it? ITS SO FRUSTRATING! I wanted to like this movie. I cant. It was lazy. It sucked!

    Your review of it, however, was spot on. KUDOS!


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